Document Repository Configuration

You can configure file storage in several ways. Each option is a store which can be configured through the file by setting the property.

The default store is called Simple File Store. It stores documents and media files on a file system (local or mounted). The store’s default root folder is [Liferay Home]/data/document_library. You can specify a different root directory from within System Settings. To access System Settings, open the Menu (icon-menu.png) and navigate to Control Panel → Configuration → System Settings. From System Settings, navigate to Platform and then search for and click File Storage (icon-folder.png). For the store’s Root directory value, specify a path relative to Liferay Home or an absolute path; then click the Save button. The document library store switches immediately to the new folder.


Figure 1: The File Storage page in System Settings lets you configure document repository storage.

You can also use an entirely different method for storing documents and media files:

Simple File System Store: uses the file system (local or a mounted share) to store files.

Advanced File System Store: in addition to using the file system (local or a mounted share) to store files, Advanced File System Store nests the files into folders by version, for faster performance and to store more files.

S3 Store (Amazon Simple Storage): uses Amazon’s cloud-based storage solution.

CMIS Store (Content Management Interoperability Services): connects to a CMIS-compliant server to store files.

DBStore (Database Storage): stores the files in the database. DBStore’s file (stored as a blob) size is 1 gigabyte. To store files larger than 1 gigabyte, use Simple File System Store or Advanced File System Store.

These articles explain details for each one.

Using the Simple File System Store

The simple file storage implementation is the default store. It uses a local folder to store files. You can use the file system for your clustered configuration, but the folder you’re pointing to...

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Using the Advanced File System Store

The advanced file system store is similar to the simple file system store (the default store). Like that store, it saves files to the local file system—which, of course, could be a remote file...

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Using Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon’s simple storage service (S3) is a cloud-based storage solution that you can use with Documents and Media. All you need is an account, and you can store your documents to the cloud from all...

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Using the CMIS Store

Though you can mount as many different CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) repositories as you like in the Documents and Media library, you can also define the Liferay Portal...

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Using the DBStore

You can store Documents and Media files in your Liferay Portal database using DBStore. DBStore’s maximum file (stored as a blob) size is 1 gigabyte. To store files larger than that, use Simple File...

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