Setting Up Marketplace

Liferay Marketplace is more than just a store for Liferay applications. Under the hood, it provides both the store and Liferay Portal’s application deployment features. For this reason, you must ensure that Marketplace can run and configure itself.

Here are some scenarios to work around to ensure Marketplace works successfully:

The firewall scenario is discussed first.

Server is Firewalled without Access to the Internet

Your server might be behind a firewall that prevents access to the Internet. Or your security policy might not allow direct download and installation from the Internet. In these cases, you have two options:

  1. From an Internet-enabled computer, download the Marketplace plugin. Then allow Liferay Portal to auto deploy it by dropping the downloaded .lpkg file into the deploy folder in Liferay Home.

  2. Alternately, once you have the downloaded .lpkg file, deploy it using the App Manager.

Next you’ll learn how to work around database access restrictions.

Limited Database Access

Some production environments do not have the necessary database permissions for Liferay Portal, apps, modules, and plugins to maintain their tables. In these cases:

  1. Grant the Liferay Portal database user temporary full rights to the database.

  2. Install Liferay Portal and start it so that it populates its database.

  3. Once the database is created, remove the permissions for creating tables and dropping tables from the Liferay Portal database user.

See the database server and new database instructions for more information. Note that many sophisticated Liferay Portal apps—not just the Marketplace app—require new tables when deployed. If your environment restricts database access, you may need to repeat the above steps whenever you deploy a new app.

You’ve prepared Liferay Portal for installing Marketplace and additional apps.

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