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In this chapter we discuss several advanced features of Liferay Portal, including audit trails and portal maintainence, backup, and logging. Audit trails allow portal administrators to track the activities of portal users–this can be very useful for troubleshooting or figuring out who’s resposible for certain actions that have taken place on your portal. It’s generally not much more complicated to maintain a running Liferay instance than it is to maintain the application server upon which it’s running. However, Liferay provides tools for logging, patching, and upgrading Liferay that you should know how to use. It’s also important to follow secure backup procedures to protect your Liferay instance’s source code, database, and properties files.

We’ll discuss the following topics in this section:

  • Audit trails

  • Liferay Monitoring using Google Analytics

  • Backing Up a Liferay Installation

  • Changing Logging Levels

  • Patching Liferay

  • Upgrading Liferay

Let’s get started with audit trails.

Audit Trails

EE Only Feature You’ve just finished lunch and are ready to get back to work. You have a site in Liferay you use to manage your project, and before you left, you were about to create a folder in...

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Liferay Monitoring Using Google Analytics

Liferay includes built-in support for Google Analytics, allowing administrators to make use of Google’s tool set for analyzing site traffic data. When you sign up for Google Analytics, a snippet of...

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Backing up a Liferay Installation

Once you have an installation of Liferay Portal running, you’ll want to have proper backup procedures in place in case of a catastrophic hardware failure of some kind. Liferay isn’t very different...

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Liferay’s Logging System

Liferay uses Log4j extensively to implement logging for nearly every class in the portal. If you need to debug something specific while the system is running, you can use the control panel to set...

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Patching Liferay

EE Only Feature While we strive for perfection with every release of Liferay Portal, the reality of the human condition dictates that releases of the product may not be as perfect as originally...

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Upgrading Liferay

Liferay upgrades are fairly straightforward. A consistent set of steps is all you need to follow to upgrade a standard Liferay installation. Things do get more complicated if your organization has...

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Liferay Portal is an easy environment to maintain. Backup procedures are simple and straightforward. Administrators have all the options they need to view and diagnose a running Liferay Portal...

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