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Alternative File Repository Options

By default, Liferay stores documents and media files on the file system of the server where it’s running. You can choose a specific location for the document library store’s root directory by adding the following property to your portal-ext.properties file and replacing the default path with your custom path:


You can also use an entirely different method for storing documents and media files. The following documents and media library stores are available:

  • Advanced File System Store
  • CMIS Store (Content Management Interoperability Services)
  • DBStore (Database Storage)
  • File System Store
  • JCRStore (Java Content Repository)
  • S3Store (Amazon Simple Storage)

For example, you can store documents and media files in your Liferay instance’s database using DBStore. To enable DBStore, add the following line to your portal-ext.properties file:


Remember to restart your Liferay server after updating your portal-ext.properties file in order for your customizations to take effect. Please refer to the Document Library Portlet section of your portal.properties file for a complete list of supported customizations. You can customize features such as the maximum allowed size of documents and media files, the list of allowed file extensions, which types of files should be indexed, and more.

Next, let’s look at mounting external repositories.

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