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Personalization and Customization

In this chapter, we discuss several ways Liferay users can customize pages, applications, and the way they use your portal. We’ll cover the following topics:

  • Personal Sites
  • Customizable Pages and Applications
  • Using a Rules Engine

Personal sites allow each portal user to manage and customize a set of public and/or private pages and any associated content or applications. Public pages provide a means of making content publicly available while private pages provide a means of hiding information from other users. Liferay 6.1 introduced customizable pages and applications. Administrators can designate certain pages or applications as “customizable,” which allows each user to make and save their own customizations. Liferay Enterprise Edition provides a rules engine which allows administrators to create custom portal rules and simplify complex blocks of code containing lots of if-else statements. Let’s start by discussing personal sites.

User Personal Sites

By default, newly created users in Liferay are each granted a personal site. Each user functions as the site administrator of his or her personal site. Personal sites are fully customizable but...

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Page Customizations

Liferay 6.1 introduced the concept of page customizations. Administrators can designate public pages or sections of public pages to be customizable. When a user visits such a page, a notification...

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Using Liferay’s Rules Engine

EE Only Feature Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition provides an implementation of a JSR-94 compliant rules engine. This rules engine is provided as a Web Plugin and is based on the popular open...

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In this chapter, we discussed personal sites for portal users. We showed how to enable or disable them, how to set whether or not pages should be automatically created, and how to customize...

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