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Liferay Portal includes a workflow engine called Kaleo. In Greek, this word means “called ones,” which is appropriate for a workflow engine that calls users to participate in a process designed for them. Kaleo workflow allows a user to define any number of simple to complex business processes/workflows, deploy them, and manage them through a portal interface. The processes have knowledge of users, groups and roles. You don’t have to write a single line of code to accomplish this: all you have to do is create a single XML document. And if you’re a Liferay EE customer, you get a graphical workflow designer which gives you a point and click interface to create workflows.

To explain how to use Kaleo Workflow, this chapter covers:

  • Installation

  • Creating workflow definitions

  • Configuring assets to use workflow

  • How users interact with workflow

We introduced Kaleo workflow in chapter 2, where we discussed how to set up an approval process for basic web content. Once we’re done with this chapter, you should be familiar with how to use Liferay’s Kaleo workflow to set up approval process for any kind of content before it is published to your portal.

Enabling Workflow

Liferay’s Kaleo workflow engine can be installed for both CE and EE versions of Liferay. The web plugin’s name is kaleo-web and is bundled in the Kaleo Forms EE and Kaleo Workflow CE apps on...

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Creating New Workflow Definitions

A Kaleo workflow, called a process definition, is defined in an XML file and is executed by users on the portal. You can create as many different workflow definitions as needed to manage the work...

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Configuring Assets to Use Workflow Process Definitions

Most of your workflow configuration is done via the control panel. Everything you need to do in the portal can be done through simple GUI controls. Figure 10.3: Adding a Workflow Definition You can...

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Using Workflow with Other Applications

We saw an example of how to use workflow with Liferay web content in chapter 2. In this section, we’ll discuss how to use workflow with other applications. First, we’ll look at using workflow with...

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In this chapter, we explained how to install the Kaleo workflow plugin for Liferay EE. Liferay’s Kaleo workflow engine is included with Liferay CE. We discussed how to create new workflow...

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