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Web Content Management is a system which allows non-technical users to publish content to the web without having advanced knowledge of web technology or programming of any sort. Liferay WCM empowers you to publish your content with a simple point and click interface and it helps you to keep your site fresh. You’ll find yourself easily creating, editing and publishing content within just a few minutes of being exposed to its features. But Liferay WCM doesn’t sacrifice power for simplicity. If need be, you can use your developer skills to create complex presentation layer templates that make your content “pop” with dynamic elements. Once these templates have been deployed into the portal, your non-technical users can manage content using these templates as easily as they would manage static content. All of this makes Liferay WCM an appropriate choice for sites with only a few pages or sites with gigabytes of content.

In this chapter, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Features of Liferay WCM
  • Creating sites and managing pages
  • Authoring content
  • Publishing content
  • Workflow
  • Site memberships and permissions

As you’ll see, Liferay’s WCM is a full-featured solution for managing your web site. We’ll start with an overview of what it has to offer and then we’ll dive down into its features. Note that web content is just one kind of asset on Liferay. Other types of content (blog posts, wiki articles, message board posts, etc.) are also considered assets. Liferay provides a general framework for handling assets that includes tags, categories, comments, ratings, and more. Please see chapter 5 for more information on Liferay’s asset framework.

How Can Liferay’s WCM Help You?

With Liferay’s WCM you have the ability to create, edit, stage, publish and approve content with easy to learn yet powerful tools. Liferay’s WCM streamlines the content creation process for end...

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Creating Sites and Managing Pages

With most products, you would learn what the software can do in terms of setting up your users and security model and then start building your system. You’d design your infrastructure and get your...

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Authoring Basic Content

You’ve been assigned the task to build a web site for an innovative new social networking site called Nose-ster. You’ve decided to take advantage of Liferay Portal and its rapid deployment features...

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Publishing Basic Content

Now that we’ve created and published our first piece of web content for Nose-ster, it’s time to display it. First, add the Web Content Display portlet to our Welcome page by selecting Add → Web...

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Using Liferay’s Workflow with WCM

Workflow is essentially a predetermined sequence of connected steps. In Liferay WCM, workflow is designed to manage the creation, modification and publication of web content. You can set up a...

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This chapter has provided an introduction to Liferay Web Content Management. We’ve seen how to create and manage pages within a site in Liferay. We’ve also seen how easy it is to create and edit...

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