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Liferay Portal ships with a robust suite of collaboration applications which you can use to build communities of users for your site. These applications provide all the features that you would expect of standalone versions outside of a portal setting. The difference with Liferay’s collaboration suite, however, is that all of the applications share a common look and feel, security model, and architecture. They inherit the strengths of being part of Liferay’s development platform so you can use them in combination with Liferay’s user management and content management features to build a well-integrated, feature-rich web site.

This chapter focuses on how to use Liferay’s collaboration suite. We explain how to set up and administer:

  • Blogs
  • Calendars
  • Message Boards
  • Wikis
  • Polls
  • Announcements
  • Chat
  • Mail

Let’s jump right in and begin by exploring Blogs.

Expressing Yourself Using Blogs

The word Blog is an apostrophe-less contraction of the two words web and log. Blogs were first popularized by web sites such as Slashdot, which have the format of a running list of entries to which...

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Managing Events and Calendar Resources with Liferay’s Calendar Portlet

As of Liferay 6.2, Liferay no longer includes the core Calendar portlet that was included in Liferay 6.1 and previous versions. Instead, Liferay provides a new Calendar portlet on Liferay...

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Discuss, Ask, and Answer Using the Message Boards

Liferay’s Message Boards portlet is a state of the art forum application similar to many forums in which you may have participated. The difference, of course, is that Liferay’s message boards can...

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Working together with the Wiki

Liferay’s Wiki portlet, like the Message Boards portlet, is a full-featured wiki application which has all of the features you would expect in a state of the art wiki. Again, though, it has the...

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Find out what others think or do using Polls

How well do you know your users? Do you ever wonder what they’re thinking? Is using your site easy for them? How do they feel about the hot-button issues of the day? Do they prefer dogs over cats?...

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Sending Alerts and Announcements in Your Portal

Suppose you’re running a portal with lots of users. Maybe you have thousands or tens of thousands of users (or more!). Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to periodically communicate important...

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Staying in touch with Chat and Meetings

Liferay’s Chat and Meetings apps let you stay in contact and collaborate with other users. The Chat portlet lets you send instant messages to other logged-in users. The Meetings app integrates with...

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Integrating your email with Liferay Mail

Liferay’s Mail portlet enables your users to interact with their email using an easy to use, ubiquitous web interface. If your mail system supports the IMAP protocol, you can use the Mail portlet...

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We have explored many of the portlets in Liferay’s collaboration suite. The Blogs and Blogs Aggregation portlets can be used to manage shared blogs or blogs belonging to a group of people at once....

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