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As you can see, Liferay Portal and the Kaleo Workflow engine combine to create a robust environment for web content management. The Kaleo Forms portlets allow you to manage all available workflows in the portal. You can create your portal’s workflows by using Kaleo Forms Admin’s drag and drop interface. Simple workflows can be managed using the default configuration and GUI tools, while more complex workflows can be created to meet the workflow management needs of almost any portal. Through this chapter and the previous one, you’ve taken a look at the various elements of a workflow and been shown how to use those elements to create your own custom workflows. You’ve also seen how properly to use the various elements of a workflow like Assignments and Notifications, as well as newer and more advanced features like Parallel Workflows, Timers, and Custom Scripts.

It’s not enough to understand each individual step of the workflow process: one of the keys to using Kaleo workflow is to understand how each step interacts with the other elements. If you understand these relationships, you can figure out which features will work best for your organization. We hope you’ll use the information we’ve covered on workflows to craft suitable processes for your portal.

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