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Using workflow with other applications

Above we saw an example of using workflow with Liferay web content. The process is the same for all resources that are workflow-enabled. However, while configuring your resources to use workflow in the Default Configuration tab of the Workflow section, you may have noticed a note that “The workflows for the following resources can be configured within their respective portlets”. resources listed are Documents and Dynamic Data Lists Records. Workflow configuration is more specifically enabled for Documents and Media folders and Dynamic Data Lists (i.e., each individaul list).

To see how this works for a Documents and Media folder, create a new page in the default site called Documents and Media and add the Documents and Media portlet to this page. Then click AddFolder, enter the name My Documents, and click Save. Mouse over your new My Documents folder, click on the black arrow that appears at the top right corner of the folder, and select Edit.


Figure 12.9: Workflow for Documents and Media must be enabled at the folder level. Edit a folder to select a workflow.

By default, the Use document type restrictions and workflow of the parent folder button is selected. To enable workflow for this folder, select the Define specific document type restrictions and workflow for this folder button. After you’ve selected this button, a Default Workflow for all Document Types drop-down menu appears. By default, you can select No workflow or Single Approver. Any custom workflows that you added also appear in this drop-down menu. You can add custom workflows through the Workflow page in the Portal section of the Control Panel.


Figure 12.10: You can use the document type restrictions and workflow of the parent folder or you can define specific document type restrictions and workflow for this folder.

After you’ve selected the Single Approver workflow and clicked Save, workflow takes effect for the My Documents folder. Try adding a new document to your My Documents folder–notice that the Publish button now says Submit for Publication since workflow is enabled. Any users assigned to the (Portal, Organization, or Site) Content Reviewer roles can see that your document has been submitted for publication by navigating to My Account and clicking on My Workflow Tasks. Ordinarily, the same user who submitted a document for publication wouldn’t also approve it but we’ll do this to demonstrate how the process works.

Like with Documents and Media folders, workflow is configured for a Dynamic Data List at the list level. That is, when you add a New List for users, you can enable workflow for that particular list. No Workflow is the default setting, but you can select the Single Approver definition or any definition you uploaded to use in the portal. When a user submits an item to a list that was configured to use a workflow, they’ll see the item’s status as Pending. Once the list item has been approved by an administrative user, the status changes to Approved.

Navigate to the My Account and click on My Workflow Tasks. Documents and Data Lists that you submitted for publication appear under Assigned to My Roles since you’re an administrator. Click ActionsAssign to Me next to your document. Then click ActionsApprove next to the document or list when it appears in the Assigned to Me category. That’s it–your resources have passed through the workflow!

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