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Let’s attempt some mind reading: you’re reading this because you need to build a website. You’re thinking about using Liferay Portal for your site, or you’ve already decided to use it and you want to learn all about it. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. What you’ll find here is that Liferay Portal is the right decision, and we’ll be happy to tell you all the reasons why. But since you might be in a rush, we’ll give you all the reasons in a nutshell right here, and then you can read the details in the rest of the chapter.

The reasons to use Liferay Portal for your website are simple: it provides a robust platform to serve your site to all clients, be they desktop, mobile, or anything in between; it provides all the standard applications you need to run on your site; and it provides an easy to use development framework for new applications or customization. In addition to this, Liferay Portal is developed using an open source methodology, by people from around the world. The code base is solid, and has been proved to be reliable and stable in mission critical deployments in diverse industries.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let us show you how Liferay does all this. Probably the first thing you want to do after you install Liferay Portal to manage your site is to get your content published. Let’s dive right in and see how Liferay Portal handles that task.

Building a site with Liferay Web Content

When you log into Liferay and look at its default screen, one thing should jump out at you right away: it’s built for all clients that access the web, not just desktop browsers. Figure 1.1: When...

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Using Liferay Portal as a collaborative platform

Many sites have grown organically. You may have grown your community by using separate tools: first a forums application, and then a wiki for collaborative documentation, and maybe even a chat...

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Using Liferay as a social platform

Whether you plan to build a social network or enable social applications as part of your overall user experience, Liferay Portal has the tools to make those features work for you. Starting with a...

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Using Liferay as a web platform

We can’t even begin to imagine what you’re thinking of building, but whatever it is, you’re going to put your heart and soul into it. Building it on Liferay’s web platform can give you a leg up. It...

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Extending and customizing Liferay for your own needs

Beyond using Liferay as a development platform for new applications, Liferay Portal has also been designed to be extended and modified. As an open source project, its source code is available, but...

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So what is Liferay? As you can see, it’s hard to describe, because it does so much. What we’ve essentially done is say it’s a totally awesome content and document managing, user collaborating,...

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