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Liferay Portal ships with a robust suite of collaboration applications that you can use to build communities of users for your site. These applications provide all the features that you would expect of standalone applications outside a portal setting. The difference with Liferay’s collaboration apps, however, is that they all share a common look and feel, security model, and architecture. They inherit the strengths of being part of Liferay’s development platform so you can use them in combination with Liferay Portal’s user management and content management features to build a well-integrated, feature-rich website.

This section shows Liferay Portal’s collaboration apps available on Liferay Marketplace and all the components of Liferay’s Collaboration suite. You’ll learn how to set up and administer

  • Blogs
  • Message Boards
  • Wikis
  • Announcements
  • Mail
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Bookmarks

Let’s jump right in and begin by exploring Blogs.

Publishing Blogs

Since blogs are a mainstay on the web, bloggers and blog administrators expect feature-rich environments for publishing blogs. They want both a powerful editor and a pleasurable authoring...

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Creating Forums with Message Boards

Liferay Portal’s Message Boards app is a state of the art forum application similar to many forums in which you may have participated. The difference, of course, is that Liferay’s message boards...

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Mentioning Users

Have you ever wanted to include another user in a discussion on the Message Boards? Have you ever wanted to give kudos to a colleague in content you’re writing? With the Mentions feature, you can...

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Working Together with the Wiki

Liferay Portal’s Wiki is a full-featured wiki application which has all the features you would expect in a state of the art wiki. Again, though, it has the benefit of being able to take advantage...

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Sending Alerts and Announcements

Suppose you’re running a Liferay instance with lots of users. Maybe you have thousands or tens of thousands of users (or more!). Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to periodically communicate...

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Managing Notifications and Requests

If you subscribed to a blog or message board, or if someone sent you a private message, invitation, event reminder, or mentioned you in a post, you received a notification or request. The...

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Informing Users with the Knowledge Base

Liferay’s Knowledge Base app lets you create and organize articles in a site. For example, it can be used to display professional product documentation or form complete books or guides. It even...

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Bookmarking Sites

Many of us enjoy collecting things we value: stamps, comic books, sea shells, shoes, or even vintage musical instruments. You’ve probably never thought about collecting URLs, even though most of us...

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Sharing Status with Microblogs

Liferay’s Microblogs Status Update and Microblogs apps let you post, receive, and share short, 150 character status updates from your personal pages in Liferay. This gives you a quick and simple...

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Inviting Members to Your Site

You’ve built a new site and now you need to get the word out about it. What better way to get the word out about your site then to invite users to join it. The Invite Members app lets you to do...

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Sending Messages with Private Messaging

The Private Messaging app lets you send email-like messages to other users. Its interface is similar to an email client. Messages are aggregated by thread, with the most recent message displayed....

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Managing Subscriptions

Message Boards, Blogs, and Wikis, oh my! There are a lot of assets that you can subscribe to in Liferay Portal, and keeping track of all your subscriptions can be a job. Thanks to the My...

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