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What comes to mind when you think of collaboration?

George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and John Williams collaborated to give us the thrilling adventure story, fantastic stunt sequences, and adrenaline pumping score in the Indiana Jones films.

The United States, Russia, and other nations combined efforts to launch and maintain the International Space Station to conduct biological and physical research that may allow us to explore Mars, Pluto, and beyond.

Bono, Bill Gates, and others join forces annually at the World Economic Forum to take on world issues such as poverty and AIDS.

Now, you might not be a celebrity or a renowned scientist, but you have important things to accomplish. And no matter whether you’re saving lives, exploring the universe, or entertaining the masses, you’re typically much more effective doing it with others. As you work together, your collective ability to brainstorm ideas, produce something unique, and present it to the outside world are key components to successful collaboration.

Liferay’s collaboration suite resonates with apps and features that foster excellent communication. Its Message Boards app gives your team a platform for discussions, questions and answers, and comments. Blogs publish your ideas using rich content, so readers can understand them clearly and respond to them. Collaboration is enhanced in all these applications through mentioning other users–tagging them by name to get their attention or give them kudos.

As you produce digital assets–documents, videos, audio–you can store and share them using the suite’s Documents and Media Library. It both provides its own repository and connects to external CMIS repositories and even Google Docs™ via the Liferay Plugin for Google Drive™ from the Marketplace.

Finally, you can collaborate on and publish content in a number of different ways. You and your colleagues can build a wealth of information using Wikis and create hierarchies of official documentation in a Knowledge Base.

These are just some of the ways the Collaboration Suite helps you communicate, produce, and present. In short, it empowers you to labor together with others in doing amazing things!

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