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Now that you’ve created basic web content, you’re ready for something a bit more intricate than a single page with a line of text and an image. In this part of the Learning Path, you’ll create more pages (including nested pages) and use page layouts to customize how those pages show applications and content. You’ll also learn more about adding applications to pages and how to manage site navigation.


Figure 1: A preview of part of the site you’ll create.

Let’s Go!

Creating Pages with Layouts

Creating A Site Step 1 of 6 Up to this point everything on the Welcome page stretches the width of the entire page. You can control this with page layouts. For example, the Welcome page has the...

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Building the Lunar Guides and Book a Trip Pages

Creating A Site Step 2 of 6 The Lunar Resort needs two more pages: Lunar Guides: A page that lists the guides employed by the Lunar Resort. Book a Trip: A page for booking a trip to the Lunar...

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Adding Applications to Pages

Creating A Site Step 3 of 6 All of a page’s functionality comes from applications. This functionality can be as simple as displaying content, or as complex as social networking. You create your...

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Page Templates

Creating A Site Step 4 of 6 As you’ve now seen, creating pages can be repetitive. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create multiple pages from a single template? Well guess what: page templates in...

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Nesting Pages

Creating A Site Step 5 of 6 When creating sites, you’ll likely encounter situations where you want to nest pages under other pages. Such child pages (also called nested pages) let you create page...

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Site Navigation

Creating A Site Step 6 of 6 You could have the greatest site in the multi-verse, but if users can’t navigate it, it’s all for naught. Fortunately Liferay Portal provides extensive support for...

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