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As soon as Liferay Portal is installed, you have all the tools you need to build sites and create content. This means you can start right away! The first thing to learn is the tool into which your creative juices flow: Liferay Portal’s content editor.

To do this, you’ll first create a static piece of web content, and then in a second step, you’ll publish it. In five or ten minutes, you’ll already have a good idea how content creation works in Liferay Portal. What’s stopping you?

Download the necessary files to complete the exercises.

Let’s Go!

Initial Setup

Creating Basic Web Content Step 1 of 3 Before you get any further you should set your site name. When you start a new Liferay bundle for the first time, it creates a site with a single “Welcome”...

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Using Liferay Portal’s Content Editor

Creating Basic Web Content Step 2 of 3 In Liferay Portal, you create content independent of a page and then publish it on a page. Separating content creation from content display lets you publish...

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Publishing Basic Content

Creating Basic Web Content Step 3 of 3 Before you publish content, it’s useful to know the content hierarchy in Liferay Portal. You can loosely think of this as the scaffolding that Liferay Portal...

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