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So far you’ve created the Lunar Resort site’s outline. By creating pages and using templates, the site now has a structure and the pages have layouts. Now it’s time to color everything in with content.

In this section you’ll create content, some with more complex web content structures and templates, and use Liferay’s Web Experience Management to publish your new content on your site.


Figure 1: Basic web content.


Figure 2: Application Display Template.

Let’s Go!

Creating More Content

Creating Content Step 1 of 7 Earlier we created some content without knowing where it would go. Now you have the context of how the site is organized. Next, use the same principles for creating...

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Using Documents and Media

Creating Content Step 2 of 7 Liferay Portal’s Documents and Media features provide tools for uploading, organizing, and displaying various types of documents and media, including images, audio, and...

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Publishing Content with Content Display Pages

Creating Content Step 4 of 7 So far, you’ve manually published most of your site’s content. Now you’ll use content display pages to publish content automatically. Liferay Portal’s Asset Publisher...

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Advanced Content Display Page Options

Creating Content Step 5 of 7 Now that you’ve used a basic use case for the content display page, let’s take a deeper look at how they work and how to use them for more advanced use cases. Choose...

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Application Display Templates

Creating Content Step 6 of 7 For the final piece of the site that you’ll construct with Liferay’s Web Experience Management system, you need to create a more engaging front page graphic. To do...

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Review Your Site

Creating Content Step 7 of 7 You create the pages, you created the content, and you organized and displayed it all using Liferay’s Web Experience Management tools. It’s time to take a step back and...

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Web Content Structures and Templates

Creating Content Step 3 of 7 In Liferay Portal, you can use structures and templates to create new web content types and layouts. A structure defines the type of items in your content, such as...

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