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Creating Teams for Advanced Site Membership Management

If you have an ad hoc group of users who perform the same set of tasks in a site, you can organize them into Site Teams. Site administrators can assign these team’s permissions for various site-specific functions. Site Teams are the preferred method for collecting permissions within a single site. Some common functions to assign a Site Team include:

  • Moderating site Wiki content
  • Managing Message Boards threads
  • Writing blogs
  • Editing a specific page in the site

For instance, if your site has Message Boards, you might want to enable a subset of the site’s members to moderate the categories and threads, and perhaps to ban abusive/offensive posters. To do this, you could create a Site Team named Lunar Resort Message Board Moderators, define the team’s permissions in the Message Boards application, and assign the desired site members to the team.

The permissions assigned to a Site Team only apply to that site. Knowing that a team’s permissions don’t impact other sites, site administrators can concentrate on defining and applying permissions to their sites’ teams.

To create a team within a site, first navigate to the Site Administration page of your site and select MembersSite Teams. It’s important to note that configuring other site membership groupings, such as Users, Organizations, and User Groups can be done in the Site Memberships app, which is also located in the Members tab. You can visit the User Management chapter for more information on how these site memberships work. Finally, click the Add Team icon (icon-add.png).


Figure 1: Creating teams within your site can foster teamwork and collaboration, as team permissions enable team members to access the same resources and perform the same types of tasks.

After you’ve clicked the Add Team button and entered a name and a description, click Save. Your new team shows in the list. To add members, click on the team name link and then select Add Team Members.

To manage a team’s permissions, click on the Actions icon (icon-actions.png) and select Permissions for that team. Setting permissions for the team assigns all of the team’s members those permissions. Only administrators with the ability to edit/manage the team have the ability to manage team permissions.

If you created a team whose task is to moderate the Message Boards, for example, you’d want to give the team all the permissions they’d need. To do this, navigate to Site AdministrationContentMessage Boards and select Permissions from the Options icon (icon-options.png) in the top right of the screen. Find the team in the Role column, and select the appropriate permissions.


Figure 2: The Lunar Resort Message Board Moderators Site Team has unlimited permissions on the Message Boards application.

That’s it! It’s easy to give groups of site users appropriate permissions to perform their tasks. This chapter has provided an introduction to Liferay Portal site management. You’ve learned how to use Liferay Portal to create multiple sites with different membership types. You’ve also seen how easy it is to create and manage sites and to create and manage pages within a site in Liferay Portal. Next, you’ll begin working with web content.

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