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You’ve built a new site and now you need to get the word out about it. What better way to get the word out about your site then to invite users to join it. The Invite Members app lets you to do just that!

The Invite Members app is only visible to site administrators. It allows administrators to send invitations to users to join the site. Clicking the Invite members to this site button brings up the interface for sending out invitations.


Figure 1: You can invite users by clicking the add sign next to the user’s name.

Click the plus sign next to a user or click the Add Email Address button to add a user to the invite list. Users that have already been invited but have not yet responded are listed with a check mark next to their names. You can also invite users to the Site Owner, Site Content Reviewer, and Site Administrator roles for your site by selecting that role under the Invite to Role heading. Once you’ve added all the users you want to invite and have selected any roles they should have, click the Send Invitations button to invite them.

The site invitation shows up under the Requests List tab on the user’s Notifications page. The user can then choose to Confirm or Ignore the invitation.


Figure 2: You can confirm or ignore the invitation.

When the invitation is confirmed, the user is made a member of the site and assigned the roles you defined.

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