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Liferay Portal’s Documents and Media library provides a mechanism for storing files online using the same type of structure that you use to store files locally. You can use it to store files of any kind; it serves as a virtual shared drive, and can mount and browse external repositories. Its companion app, the Media Gallery, displays selected content from the Documents and Media library. It can display image, audio, and video files. Other features in the Documents and Media library include customizable document types and metadata sets, automatic document preview generation, and support for mounting multiple external repositories.

Liferay Sync synchronizes your local copies of the Documents and Media libraries with your site’s libraries. It lets you manage files from your desktop machine and mobile device. It provides the best way to manage your files on all your devices.

Let’s get started with Documents and Media by exploring how to publish files.

Using Document Types and Metadata Sets

If you’re concerned only with a file’s content and are happy with its basic built-in metadata, then add the file to Documents and Media as a Basic Document. What do you do, however, if you want to...

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Liferay Store Types

There are several options available for configuring how Liferay’s Documents and Media library stores files. Each option is a store which can be configured through the portal-ext.properties file by...

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Using External Repositories

Liferay Portal’s Documents and Media lets you store files in a number of different ways and lets you access external repositories in addition to the built in document repository. Your administrator...

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Administering Liferay Sync

Liferay Sync is an add-on product for Liferay Portal that synchronizes files between your Liferay Portal server and users’ desktop and mobile environments. With Liferay Sync, users can publish and...

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Using Liferay Sync on Your Desktop

Liferay Sync synchronizes files between your Liferay Portal sites and desktop devices. It lets you work with your files without using a browser. The Sync clients also ensure that the files are...

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Publishing Files

As you create sites, you’ll probably want to share files on them. Liferay Portal’s Documents and Media library (Document Library) let’s you upload and publish all kinds of files on your sites....

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Using Liferay Sync on Your Mobile Device

Liferay Sync for Android and iOS contains most of the desktop Sync client’s functionality. The mobile client can, however, only be connected to one Liferay Portal instance account at a time. Also,...

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Adapting Your Media Across Multiple Devices

Media providers must consider differences between devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) when delivering content: not only their screen size but also their bandwidth and processing capabilities....

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