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Message Boards, Blogs, and Wikis, oh my! There are a lot of assets that you can subscribe to in Liferay Portal, and keeping track of all your subscriptions can be a job. Thanks to the My Subscriptions app, available on Liferay Marketplace, you can manage all your subscriptions from one app.

Add the app to a page and your subscriptions are listed underneath their corresponding asset type.


Figure 1: My Subscriptions lets you manage all your subscriptions in one app.

Each subscription has an Actions menu that lets you View, View in Popup, and unsubscribe from the asset. You can unsubscribe from multiple subscriptions by selecting the checkbox next to the assets you want to unsubscribe from and clicking the Unsubscribe button. Alternatively you can unsubscribe from all subscriptions of a specific asset type by selecting the checkbox for the asset type (e.g. Message Boards Category) and clicking the Unsubscribe button.

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