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As you create sites, you’ll probably want to share files on them. Liferay Portal’s Documents and Media library (Document Library) let’s you upload and publish all kinds of files on your sites. Pictures, videos, spreadsheets, slide presentations and more can be stored in and shared from the Document Library. Document Library instances can be scoped to a Liferay Portal instance, site, or page, so you can work with files where they’re relevant.

In these guides, you’ll learn how to add files, display them, and collaborate on them. You can upload all kinds of files, including custom file types, to the Document Library. Users can then browse and view files from the Media Gallery or Documents and Media apps. You’ll learn how to use both apps. And lastly, you’ll learn how to collaborate on files from within several environments, including your browser, local desktop, and mobile device. We’ve pulled out all the stops to simplify online file management. Let’s get the ball rolling by adding files to a Document Library.

Adding Files to a Document Library

There are several reasons why you might want to upload files to your site. You might want to share photos and video files or embed them in web content. Or you might simply want to back them up from...

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Editing Images

You’ve uploaded an image to the document library. It’s almost perfect, but it’s missing a little something. It could use a little more focus to really highlight the message you’re trying to...

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Accessing Google Docstrade

You can access files stored in Google applications, such as Google Drive™ and Google Photos™, through the Document Library. This integration isn’t available by default, but you can get it by...

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Displaying Files

Once you’ve uploaded image files and videos to your Document Library, you’ll probably want to display them in your site. Here are some ways you can display your media files: Show them in a...

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Collaborating on Files

Not only does Liferay Portal’s Documents and Media enable you to publish files easily, but it also provides a terrific environment for collaborating on documents. There are many common...

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Publishing Files Summary

You’ve learned the fundamentals of uploading, managing, and collaborating on files in your sites. The Document Library integrates each file into Liferay Portal, allowing you to apply permissions,...

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