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A site is a set of pages that can be used to publish content or applications. Sites can be independent or they can be associated with an organization and serve as the website for that organization. With Liferay Portal, you can create as many different sites as you like within the context of a single Liferay instance.

You can use sites in Liferay Portal to build many different kinds of websites. Whether you’re building a large corporate website, a company intranet, or a small site designed to facilitate collaboration among team members, Liferay’s framework provides all the tools you need.

You’ll begin your journey with a tour of Liferay Portal’s user interface. Next, you’ll create a custom Lunar Resort Example instance and explore ways to create sites and pages for that Liferay instance. There are many different ways to manage your sites and pages, which is also covered. To begin site development with Liferay Portal, continue on to the next section.

Creating Sites

A site contains a set of pages that can be used to publish content or applications. By default, Liferay Portal starts with a single site that has a single page. You can build any website you wish...

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Creating and Managing Pages

You’ve successfully created a site for your Liferay instance, but you may need to add new pages or edit existing pages. From the Site Administration → Navigation section of the Menu, your site...

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Displaying Pages on Mobile Devices

Mobile device families allow you to configure sets of rules to alter the behavior of the instance based on the device being used to access Liferay Portal. The proportion of mobile device users...

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Building Sites from Templates

Site Templates can be administered from the Control Panel. They let Liferay administrators create multiple sites with the same default set of pages and content. Site templates can contain multiple...

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Creating Pages from Templates

Page templates function similarly to site templates but at the page level. Each page template provides a pre-configured page to reuse. Within a page template, it’s possible to select a theme or...

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Importing/Exporting Pages and Content

Liferay Portal’s Export/Import feature gives you the power to backup and restore your site and app data. The export feature grants users the flexibility of exporting site or app-specific content...

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Creating Teams for Advanced Site Membership Management

If you have an ad hoc group of users who perform the same set of tasks in a site, you can organize them into Site Teams. Site administrators can assign these team’s permissions for various...

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