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Site Templates create a single Site structure that can be used for any new Site. They are created and administered from the Control Panel. In addition to creating multiple Sites with the same design, you can also use them to manage changes across multiple Sites with propagation of changes. Site templates can contain multiple pages, each with its own theme, layout template, applications, and app configurations.

Site templates can also contain content just like actual Sites. This allows administrators to use Site Templates to create new Sites that are each created with the same default pages, applications, and content. After they’ve been created, these Sites and their pages can be modified by Site administrators. Using Site templates can save Site administrators a lot of work even if each Site that was created from a given Site Template ends up being very different.

Creating a Site Template

Suppose you need to create the following three private Sites for the Lunar Resort’s internal use: Engineering, Marketing, and Legal. These should be accessible only to members of these respective...

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Managing Site Templates

To get started, click on Site Templates in the Sites section of the Control Panel. Here, you can add, manage, or delete Site templates. You can also configure the permissions of Site templates. As...

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Propagating Changes from Site Templates to Sites

Site Template administrators can add, update, or delete Site Template pages. Changes made to a Site Template can be propagated to Sites whose page sets are linked to the Site Template. When you...

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Sharing Site Templates

If you want to export a Site that uses Site or Page Templates to a different environment (through a LAR file or remote publication), the templates must be exported and imported manually in advance...

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