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The Folder Facet narrows search results down to those contained in a certain Asset Folder. If you search for space, a Folder titled Space Images doesn’t necessarily show up here. The content inside the folder must match the keyword. Only if its content matches the searched keyword does the Folder appear in the Folder Facet.

Folders of these Types appear as Folder Facet terms:

  • Bookmarks Folder
  • Documents and Media Folder
  • Web Content Folder


Figure 1: Each Folder with matching content is a facet term.

The Folder Facet contains several configuration options:


Figure 2: The Folder Facet is configurable.

Folder Parameter Name

Set the URL parameter name for the Facet. The default is folder. Searching for lunar resort and clicking on a Folder Facet produces the URL

http://localhost:8080/web/guest/search?q=lunar resort&folder=38716
Max Terms
Set the maximum number of facet terms to display, regardless of how many matching terms are found for the facet.
Frequency Threshold
Set the minimum frequency required for terms to appear in the result list. For example, if the frequency threshold of a facet is set to 3, a term with two matching results doesn’t appear in the term result list.
Display Frequencies
Choose whether or not to display the term frequencies.
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