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The Modified Facet narrows search results down to those that match the searched keyword and that were created or modified during a certain time period.


Figure 1: Each time period with matching content is a facet term.

In addition to selecting a pre-configured time period, Users can select a Custom Range, specifying a From and To date using a date picker:


Figure 2: Users can include a Custom Range in the Modified Facet.

The Modified Facet supports configuration actions:

  • Modify existing time ranges
  • Delete existing time ranges
  • Create new time ranges

Edit or create time ranges using a time range alias.

The available time range aliases include:



Figure 3: The time ranges are set in the facet’s configuration.

Each Range has an alias and a Label.

By default, all the default ranges end in *, which evaluates to now. For example, the past-week range is

[past-week TO *]

You’re not limited to ending Ranges. Instead of the *, specify another time range alias as the ending point.

To set up a range from 12 months ago to one month ago,

  1. Click the plus button in one of the existing ranges.

  2. Give it the label 1-12 Months Ago.

Give it a Range value of

[past-year to past-month]

This gives you lots of flexibility in using alternative time ranges as Modified Facet terms.

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