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The ideal search experience involves a User entering a search term, waiting an infinitesimal amount of time, and having the perfectly matching asset delivered at the top of a list of other extremely relevant hits. Like this:


Figure 1: The goal is to return the perfect results to Users searching your site.

The developers of an asset control much about how the asset’s information is stored in the search engine (this process is called indexing), and how its information is searched and returned in the search results. Developers who dislike how a particular asset behaves in search can use an Indexer Post Processor to modify the asset’s indexing behavior and how search queries are constructed to look up the assets in Liferay Portal.

The Search Results behavior configurable through the UI is covered in this section:

Display Settings

The Search Results widget’s default display is a paginated list. Each list item is a summarized hit to a search query. Click on a specific result to look at it in more detail. Configure display...

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Search Results Behavior

The previous article covered ways to display search results. This article covers these additional Search Results concepts and configurations: Filtering search results with facets Understanding...

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