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Once Liferay Portal is installed, the configuration begins. Recall that configuration happens at different scopes. Here we’re covering configuration at the virtual instance scope. There’s an important difference between the system scope and the instance scope. The system scope is the highest level scope you can make configurations at. All virtual instances are impacted by configuration done at this scope. The instance scope applies only to one particular virtual instance.

Virtual instances have unique domain names but share a server and database. Each virtual instance can have independent data and configurations.

These articles cover

  • Adding a virtual instance

  • Configuring a virtual instance

Get started by learning about adding a virtual instance.

Virtual Instances

Here’s a quick scenario: you already have a server hosting a Liferay Portal installation and a database. It has many Users, Sites, and specific instance settings. If you need another such...

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Terms of Use

Terms of Use are important when you need them, but not all Sites do. They’re not first in the Instance Settings interface, but they’re one of the first things to configure for your virtual...

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General Settings

General virtual instance settings are configured at Control Panel → Configuration → Instance Settings. The General settings are at the top of the first tab, Configuration. The General section has...

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Configure authentication at Control Panel → Configuration → Instance Settings. In the Configuration tab, scroll down to the Authentication section and expand it. Authentication has several tabs:...

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Configure user settings at Control Panel → Configuration → Instance Settings. In the Configuration tab, scroll down to the Users section and expand it. The Users section has three tabs: Fields,...

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Email and Content

There are a few sections of the Configuration tab dedicated to configuring email and content sharing: Mail Host Names Email notifications Content Sharing Configure these settings at Control Panel →...

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Identification and Social

The Identification and Social sections of Instance Settings are smaller than some of the other sections, but contain important settings for some virtual instances. Both are top level tabs of...

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Miscellaneous Settings

The Miscellaneous tab of Control Panel → Configuration → Instance Settings contains display settings and a few integration configurations. Miscellaneous: Display Settings Set the default instance...

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