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If tags or categories were applied to an asset appearing in the result set, they’re displayed in the Tag or Category facet, respectively. Like other facets with the Frequency Threshold configuration option, not all tags necessarily appear. By default the top 10 tags or categories are listed.


Figure 1: Each Tag or Category with matching content is a facet term.

Tag and Category Facets contain identical configuration options:


Figure 2: Tag and Category Facets are configurable.

Tag/Category Parameter Name

Set the URL parameter name for the Facet. The default is tag/category. Searching for lunar resort and clicking on a moon Tag Facet term produces the URL

http://localhost:8080/web/guest/search?q=lunar resort&tag=moon
Display Style
Choose whether to display the facet terms in Cloud or List style.
Max Terms
Set the maximum number of facet terms to display, regardless of how many matching terms are found for the facet.
Frequency Threshold
Set the minimum frequency required for terms to appear in the result list. For example, if the frequency threshold of a facet is set to 3, a term with two matching results doesn’t appear in the term result list.
Display Frequencies
Choose whether or not to display the term frequencies.
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