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The Type Facet narrows search results down to those associated with a certain Asset Type. Each Type with content matching the searched keyword appears as a facet term.


Figure 1: Each Asset Type with matching content is a Type Facet term.

By default, all out of the box Asset Types are included as facet terms:

  • Wiki Page
  • Document
  • User
  • Blogs Entry
  • Form Record
  • Documents Folder
  • Dynamic Data Lists Record
  • Web Content Article
  • Message Boards Message
  • Calendar Event
  • Knowledge Base Article

The Type Facet contains several configuration options:


Figure 2: The Type Facet is configurable.

Type Parameter Name

Set the URL parameter name for the Facet. The default is type. Searching for lunar resort and clicking on a site facet produces the URL

http://localhost:8080/web/guest/search?q=lunar resort&type=com.liferay.blogs.model.BlogsEntry
Frequency Threshold
Set the maximum number of facet terms to display, regardless of how many matching terms are found for the facet.
Display Frequencies
Choose whether or not to display the term frequencies.
Current and Available
Add or remove Asset Types from the facet. To remove types, select from the Current section by clicking and highlighting. Click the right arrow and move the Asset Type from Current to Available. Add Asset Types by moving them to the Current section.
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