Social Office 1.5b runs on Liferay Portal 5.2.7. If you’re running Social Office 1.5b and you’d like to upgrade to 2.0, you first need to upgrade your portal to version 6.1.1 CE. Please see the Upgrading Liferay section in chapter 17 of Liferay’s User Guide for details about Liferay’s upgrade process: Before starting the following Social Office upgrade process, make sure you’ve already upgraded your portal to version 6.1.1 CE, and backed up your old file, data folder, and database.

  1. In your new 6.1.1 portal bundle, add the following properties into your file:

5.2.7 uses permission algorithm 5 (comment out once data migration is complete).


6.1.1 uses permission algorithm 6 (comment in once data migration is complete).


The following property ensures that the document library uses the same storage method.


You do not want to index on startup/upgrade, so make sure reindex is disabled when you deploy the Social Office packager.

index.on.startup=false index.on.upgrade=false

Point Liferay to data folder of SO 1.5 (this may be different then your new data folder).

resource.repositories.root={your data folder}

The following values are taken from the default 5.2 legacy properties in the portal folder.

Default 5.2 users.image.max.height=0 users.image.max.width=0


image.hook.impl=com.liferay.portal.image.DatabaseHook${}${}[^/\\\\\\[\\]%&[email protected]]+)[/\\\\\\[\\]%&[email protected]]+)
  1. Make sure that your root directory is set to SO 1.5’s root directory and that permission algorithm 5 is being used.

  2. Start up your application server. (Your permission algorithm must be set to 5.)

  3. After the upgrade has completed and your portal is running, log in as an administrator and navigate to Control Panel → Server Administration → Data Migration.

  4. Flag Generate Custom Roles.

  5. Click Execute to update the permission alogrithm.

  6. Shut down your application server.

  7. In your file, comment out permission algorithm 5 and comment in permission algorithm 6.

  8. Start your application server back up.

  9. Deploy the Social Office 2.0 Packager or install Social Office 2.0 through Liferay Marketplace.

  10. Check that all previous content and files are accessible and present.

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