Social Office EE

Social Office EE can only be installed on a Liferay EE instance; it’s not possible to install Social Office EE on Liferay CE. Social Office EE provides several useful features in addition to the ones provided by Social Office CE. These additional features include the following:

  • Enhanced auditing tools for the Documents and Media library
  • The ability to mount Sharepoint repositories to the Documents and Media library
  • The ability for Liferay Sync users to sync with multiple Social Office sites
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements since Social Office 3.0 CE
  • Access to Liferay Support

Installing Social Office EE

To find Social Office EE on Liferay Marketplace, click on the EE Marketplace link and look for the Social Office EE app. Once you’ve found it, click on it to view detailed information about the app. If you’d like to install Social Office EE, you can either purchase the app or you can obtain a free 30-day trial.


Figure 1.19: If you’d like to try out Social Office EE, click on the 30-Day Trial button. If you’d like to purchase Social Office EE, click on the Order button.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be prompted to select a purchase type. If you’d like to obtain the free 30-day trial, you’ll need to agree to the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service before you can click Free to obtain the trial license.


Figure 1.20: As with other apps on Liferay Marketplace, you can purchase Social Office EE for your personal account or for your company.

If you’d like to place an order to purchase Social Office EE, click Next after selecting a purchase type. Then you’ll need to choose a license type, provide your name, address, and contact information, and agree to the terms of use. Once you click Order, a Liferay sales representative will contact you to fulfill your order.


Figure 1.21: To deploy your Social Office EE license, enter your order id license into the field provided, click Query, and select Social Office EE.

Once you’ve obtained a Social Office EE license (trial or otherwise), you should deploy the license to your Liferay instance. To do so, first click on License Manager in the Apps section of the Control Panel. Then enter your order id into the field provided, click Query, and select Social Office EE. Now you’re able to install Social Office EE! Note: If you already downloaded Social Office EE and attempted to install it before deploying your order id license, you’ll need to restart your Liferay server after deploying the license in order for Social Office EE to deploy.

After installing (or uninstalling) Social Office EE, you should confirm that these plugins, in addition to the ones included with Social Office CE, have been successfully deployed (or removed). Your server’s console log should indicate whether or not each plugin has been successfully deployed.

EE Plugins:

  • sharepoint-hook

Social Office EE Features

The Sharepoint plugin that is included in Social Office EE is the same plugin as provided by the Sharepoint Connector EE app on Liferay Marketplace. This plugin integrates Liferay’s Documents and Media functionality with Sharepoint. It allows Sharepoint repositories to be mounted within Liferay’s Documents and Media system. Please refer to the Liferay Marketplace app description and the Documents and Media section of the Liferay User Guide for information on properties and configuration.

Other features provided by Social Office EE include auditing improvements to the Documents and Media library. Once you’ve installed Social Office EE, you’ll find the option to specify either a major or a minor revision each time you edit or check in a document. You’ll also be prompted to enter a change log message. Without Social Office EE, the version number will be automatically incremented when a file is edited but there’s no way to specify a major/minor revision or enter a change log message.


Figure 1.22: Social Office EE allows you to specify a major or minor revision and enter a change log message each time you edit or check in a document.

Additionally, Social Office EE allows comments to be added to specific versions of a document. Without Social Office EE, there’s just a general comments area for each document that’s not specific to any version. If you’ve been using Social Office CE and upgrade to EE, any comments that were added when you were using CE will appear in a section entitled Previous Comments.


Figure 1.23: Comments can be added to specific versions of a document in Social Office EE.

Next, let’s look at Social Office’s upgrade process.

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