You’ve launched your new app on the Marketplace. Congratulations! As you settle down from your launch celebration, you might wonder how your app is performing in the Marketplace. Is there a way to monitor how many people are viewing it and downloading it? And what about those features that didn’t make this release? How difficult is it to upload your app’s next version with those features? Don’t sweat it. The Liferay Marketplace and app wizard are here to help.

You can track app performance. Marketplace shows app trends like views, downloads, and purchases. You can upload new versions of your app and make changes to some of its details with the App Wizard. Read on to learn how all of this works.

Tracking App Performance

One of the main reasons for developing and publishing apps on Marketplace is to drive app downloads and adoption. Marketplace gives you detailed reports on views, downloads, and purchases of your...

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Making Changes to Published Apps

You can make these kinds of changes during the life of your published app: Edit your app details (e.g., description, icon, etc.) Add new license bundles (quantities) Edit app prices of bundles...

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