Planning Your App’s Distribution

When you start the formal process of submitting your app to the Marketplace, in addition to uploading your app’s files you must answer a host of important questions. For example, you must clarify who owns the app, specify pricing for the app, define its licensing scheme (if it’s a paid app), associate a person or company as its owner and maintainer, and specify the versions of Liferay that the app supports. Your answers to these questions help you determine if you must package multiple versions of the app. This tutorial prepares you by explaining the questions and ways you might answer them. Here’s what’s covered:

The first tutorial answers this question: Should I sell my app or make it free?

Selling Your App or Making it Free

Do you want to sell your app on the Marketplace? Or do you want to share it freely with anyone on the Marketplace? It’s up to you. Most of the content that follows describes options for paid apps...

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Publishing as an Individual or on Behalf of a Company

You can publish an app as yourself (an individual) or on behalf of a company. This determines who is shown as the app’s author and owner. Your selection also determines who can access the app...

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Licensing and Pricing Your App

You have significant control over how to price your app. You choose the license term (perpetual vs. annual), choose the license type (standard vs. developer), define a pricing structure (pricing...

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Targeting Liferay Editions and Versions and Versioning your App

There are multiple versions of Liferay and multiple editions (e.g., community and enterprise) for each version. You must decide the versions and editions to build your app on. And lastly, you must...

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