Now that you have everything in order for publishing your app, you can start the Marketplace app submission process.

Go to your Account Home on In the left side navigation panel of your profile page, there are links to pages related to using apps and developing apps. Links to Apps and Metrics appear in the Development section of the navigation panel. You’ll use these links heavily during development, so you may want to bookmark this page too. Click Apps from the Development section to access your app development page.


Now that you know how to get to your app development page, you can submit your app! It involves,

To begin the process of publishing your app, click Add New App. The app wizard appears, so that you can fill in your app’s details.

Specifying Your App’s Initial Details

From this screen you enter your app’s basic details. Previous articles Planning Your App’s Distribution and Preparing Your App helped prepare you for filling in these details. The top portion of...

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Uploading Your App

On this screen, you must specify your app’s version and upload your app’s files. Note that the article Planning Your App’s Distribution helps you plan your app’s versioning scheme. Likewise, the...

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Creating Your Licensing and Pricing Model

Carefully consider which licensing structure best meets your needs. Once your app has been approved, these options, except for price updates, cannot be changed. Choose a license term: Figure 1:...

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Submitting Your App For Review

The App Preview screen lets you preview your app as it will appear on the Marketplace. If you want to change things before finally submitting your app, click Edit to go back and continue making...

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