As you develop apps, you may want to sell them to or share them with consumers. You can distribute your apps on the Liferay Marketplace. The process is straightforward, but must make some decisions along the way and prepare your app for publishing on the Marketplace.

This section’s first tutorial explains Liferay Marketplace-related concepts and informs you of decisions to make before starting the publishing process from your portal. Then you’ll learn how to get resources, such as your app’s icon, screenshots to show off your app, and a comprehensive description of your app, ready for the publishing process. After that, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of submitting your app to the Marketplace. Lastly, you’ll learn how to monitor your app’s success on Liferay Marketplace and modify or add new versions of your app to the Marketplace.

Planning Your App’s Distribution

When you start the formal process of submitting your app to the Marketplace, in addition to uploading your app’s files you must answer a host of important questions. For example, you must clarify...

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Preparing Your App

As a Liferay developer, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the concept of plugins (portlets, themes, etc.). If you’re not familiar with Liferay plugins, see Introduction to Liferay...

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Submitting Your App

Now that you have everything in order for publishing your app, you can start the Marketplace app submission process. Go to your Account Home on In the left side navigation panel of...

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Understanding the App Review Process

The Liferay Marketplace app QA/review process begins as soon as you submit your app for review. Every third-party app submitted to the Liferay Marketplace is reviewed by our team to ensure that...

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Managing Your Published App

You’ve launched your new app on the Marketplace. Congratulations! As you settle down from your launch celebration, you might wonder how your app is performing in the Marketplace. Is there a way to...

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