Several functions are accessed through the Site MenuCommerceSettings. Many of these are described elsewhere:

The remaining functions are described in this section.

Availability Estimates

When an item is out of stock, you must communicate to buyers an availability estimate. You can provide that information by selecting a time frame from a drop-down menu. Follow these steps to create...

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Liferay Commerce stores a country list that appears wherever a user is prompted to enter a country (typically to enter a shipping or billing address). Go to Site Menu → Commerce → Settings and...

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Your store can use one or more currencies. Go to Site Menu → Commerce → Settings and click on the Currencies tab to view the currencies in the system. To choose your store’s primary currency, click...

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Notifications are automated emails sent to buyers. By default, notifications can only be sent to inform buyers when an order has been received, but an extension point lets you develop other...

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