Nothing has received more attention on the web in recent years than security. Liferay has a robust security model for you to use in your applications, and it supports a wide variety of security features. In this section, you can learn about these features:

  • Resources, Roles, and Permissions
  • Custom SSO Providers
  • Authentication Pipelines
  • Service Access Policies
  • Authentication Verifiers

Adding Permissions to Resources

Public bulletin boards are great. Anyone can inform others of just about anything. On the other hand, anyone can post just about anything on the bulletin board. Some of this content might not be...

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Authentication Pipelines

The authentication process in Liferay Portal is a pipeline through which users can be validated by one or several systems. Liferay Portal’s flexibility and extensibility makes it possible for you...

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Service Access Policies

Service access policies are a layer of web service security on top of Liferay Portal’s remote services. Together with the permissions layer, service access policies limit remote service access by...

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