The Liferay JavaScript object is populated with some helpful tools. This section contains a comprehensive list of some of the most useful utilities you can find inside the Liferay object.

Liferay ThemeDisplay

In Java, developers are used to being able to find lots of context information at runtime. You can learn about what user is browsing your application, what page it’s on, what site it’s in, and lots...

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Working with URLs in JavaScript

In Java, developers are able to create and work with URLs using their APIs. The Liferay global object offers some features to help you create and work with URLs. This tutorial covers some of the...

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Liferay Portal JavaScript Utilities

This tutorial explains some of the utility methods and objects inside the Liferay global JavaScript object. Liferay Browser The Liferay.Browser object contains methods that expose the current user...

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Invoking Liferay Services

Liferay Portal provides many web services out-of-the-box to you. These services include retrieving data and information about various assets, creating new assets, and even editing existing assets....

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