Liferay Portal’s social framework lets users provide feedback on content, share that content with others across social networks, and subscribe to notifications on content, so they can stay up to date on the latest and greatest that you have to share.

The tutorials that follow show you how to take advantage of Liferay Portal’s social framework to enable these features in your own app.

Applying Social Bookmarks

When you enable social bookmarks, icons for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus appear below your app’s content. Liferay Portal’s taglibs provide the markup you need to add this feature...

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Adding Comments to your App

Users adding comments to your content makes your site come alive. Instead of you statically giving users information, now the flow goes both ways. Liferay Portal’s asset framework makes it easy to...

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Rating Assets

Liferay Portal’s asset framework supports a system for rating content in apps. This feature appears in many core apps, such as the Blogs portlet. Ratings give your users a voice, and you can...

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Implementing Ratings Type Selection and Value Transformation

Liferay Portal has three different mechanisms for rating content: Stars, Thumbs Up/Down, and Likes. Prior to 7.0, there was no way for administrators to select a ratings type as it was hard-coded....

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Flagging Inappropriate Asset Content

In a perfect world, people would post nice, kind, and decent content. They would reply to comments with constructive feedback and never lash out at one another. Unfortunately, sometimes people have...

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