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Application Display Template (ADTs) define custom display templates used to render widgets. For example, you may want to show blog entries horizontally instead of vertically, or list your assets in the asset publisher application in different sizes. In this section you’ll learn about the capabilities of ADTs and how to create and configure them.

Styling Widgets with Application Display Templates

Suppose you’re customizing the Lunar Resort Site and want to allow users to use Facebook or Twitter to communicate with other interested travelers. You can add this functionality to an existing...

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ADT Example

Now that you know the general functions of ADTs, you’ll create your own. This brief demonstration will show you just how easy, yet powerful, ADTs can be for your Liferay instance. Add the Media...

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Setting a Default ADT

You can change the ADT for an individual widget through its own configuration, but to configure the default ADT for all widgets of that type, you must go to System Settings. In the System Settings...

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