Working Smarter with Liferay Social Office

Liferay Social Office is Liferay’s social collaboration product for the enterprise. Previously released as a separate product that was based on Liferay Portal, it’s now available as an application that can be installed on Liferay. We are excited to bring both Social Office and this guide to you, in the hope that you’ll be able to use each to enable your teams to work together more efficiently. This guide is for those who are setting up and administering an instance of Liferay Portal using Social Office. From installing Social Office to introducing you to its entire feature set, we’ll discuss all of the things you can do with Social Office to help your team. We hope you’ll use it as a tool to get Social Office up, running, and integrated into your enterprise. You can find much more information about installation and administration in Using Liferay Portal


This has been the cry of information workers everywhere who have tried to manage complex projects through email and shared folders. You’ve probably had a similar experience: you’re collaborating on a document with a team of people and are emailing it back and forth. Person A creates the initial document and Person B replies with some edits. Person C replies with additional edits at the same time Person A replies with the corrections from Person B. Person D takes this and rewrites a whole section of the document while Person B and C respond to Person A’s update. Pretty soon, it becomes very difficult to determine which document is the latest document. The same scenario plays itself out when working in shared folders, except there’s no trail of email messages to figure out who did what and when.

The Social Office plugin for Liferay Portal is designed to answer this call for help. Social Office is a dynamic team collaboration solution for the enterprise that’s designed to streamline communication, save time, and raise productivity. Organizations and groups can use Social Office to share resources, collaborate on projects, and raise the visibility of important activity. We created the product to provide a simple, out of the box solution for team collaboration. Social Office provides you with a fantastic array of features that you don’t need to spend a lot of time configuring. It’s ready to use right out of the box. Once installed, a quick setup wizard will help you set up a team collaboration site so you can begin working immediately. In fact, you can have a full production environment set up in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

If you need any assistance beyond what’s covered in this book, Liferay, Inc. offers training, consulting, and support services to fill any need that you might have. Please see for further information about the services we can provide. As always, we welcome any feedback. If there is any way you think we could make this book better, please feel free to mention it on our forums. You can also use any of the email addresses on our Contact Us page We are here to serve you, our users and customers, and to help make your experience using Social Office the best it can be.

Installing Social Office

Social Office 3.1 is available as an application that can be installed on Liferay Portal CE 6.2 GA1+ or EE 6.2 GA1+. Prior to version 2.0, Social Office was provided as an standalone product that...

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Using Social Office

Social Office adds functionality to Liferay Portal for a specific purpose: collaboration. We’ve designed it for work groups needing to collaborate on documents and data in the office. The...

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Social Office EE

Social Office EE can only be installed on a Liferay EE instance; it’s not possible to install Social Office EE on Liferay CE. Social Office EE provides several useful features in addition to the...

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Upgrading Social Office

There are a few steps and procedures that you need to follow if you’re upgrading to a newer version of Social Office. The sections below describe how to upgrade from Social Office 2.x to 3.x, and...

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