Register as a Marketplace Developer

This is the first step to start distributing your apps through the Liferay Portal platform. Whether you're looking to showcase your capabilities or reach new customers around the world, registering as a Liferay Marketplace developer is your access to over half-a-million Liferay deployments worldwide.

You can choose from two types of accounts: A Basic App Developer Account or a Paid App Developer Account. A Basic App Developer Account is free and lets you distribute free apps to the Marketplace. A Paid App Developer Account enables you to submit paid apps to the Marketplace for sale to customers globally. It allows you to monetize the benefits of the Marketplace and the Liferay distribution channel. The best part is, you can upgrade to a Paid Developer Account if and when you are ready to submit a paid app to the Marketplace! There is no charge to distribute free apps in the Marketplace.

Free Basic Account

  • No cost to register as a Marketplace developer
  • Distribute free apps on the Marketplace
  • Access to developer-only resources (e.g. Developer Portal, Liferay IDE, Liferay Developer License)
  • Participate in Marketplace promotions

Converting from Basic-to-Paid

When you're ready to submit a paid app to the Marketplace:

  1. Agree to the Developer Agreement
  2. Pay $99 annual fee
  3. Submit relevant tax documents (eg., W-9, W-8BEN) to receive payments
  4. Enter PayPal info to receive payments (PayPal account must be a Verified Business Account)

Paid App Developer Account

  • Upgrade when you're ready: only pay annual fee at time of paid app submission
  • Offer paid licensing/support for your apps
  • Receive 80% of app sales proceeds
  • Access to detailed transaction history
  • Paid apps customer management
  • All the benefits of a Basic Developer Account


Registration for the basic developer account is free! You only pay when you decide to submit a paid app.

Register Now


Once registered, you can also request a Liferay Developer License to support testing against Liferay Portal EE.