Why Distribute on the Liferay Marketplace ?



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Reach a Global Audience

Access over 500,000 Liferay Portal deployments worldwide

Build on a proven development platform recognized by enterprise and community users

Join a growing marketplace with over 1,000 developers and more than 3,000 weekly downloads

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Get to Market Faster

Focus on making great apps

Liferay does it all for you
payment processing | sales tax | license management

Simple IDE and free EE developer license to
streamline app development and testing

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Customize Your App to Fit Your Needs

Choose an Account:

Free Basic Account
No fees to distribute free apps

Paid App Account
Upgrade when you're ready to sell

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Customize Your App to Fit Your Needs


License options
price | term | type

Countries you want to sell to

Support options with pricing

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  Multiply Your Exposure

Leverage the Marketplace to source leads and drive visibility

*Data represents comparison of average weekly downloads and views across 17 apps before and after appearing in the Marketplace
"Featured Apps" section.

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And Get More for Your App

Receive a higher share
of app sale proceeds

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Hundreds of developers are already on board.

Get started now.


Registration for the basic developer account is free!

You only pay when you decide to submit a paid app.

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The Develop section of this site has tons of tutorials to help you get started or dig into details.

Get a Liferay Developer License to streamline testing against Liferay Portal EE

Get Dev License


The Publish section guides you through planning your app's distribution, preparing your app for the Marketplace, and submitting it for review.

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