Back-end frameworks are analogous to supporting actors and actresses in show business. They fill out the stories in films we know and love. As actors bring richness and life to their films, Liferay’s powerful back-end frameworks bring essential services and deliver terrific performances of their own. Here are some of the frameworks:

These frameworks and more deliver smashing performances and are stars in their own right.

Portlet Providers

Some apps perform the same operations on different entity types. For example, the Asset Publisher lets users browse, add, preview, and view various entities as assets including documents, web...

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Data Scopes

Apps can restrict their data to specific scopes. Scopes provide a context for the application’s data. Global: One data set throughout a portal instance. Site: Separate data sets for each Site it’s...

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Message Bus

If you ever need to do some data processing outside the scope of the web’s request/response, look no further than the Message Bus. It’s conceptually similar to Java Messaging Service (JMS) Topics,...

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