The Liferay Forms application is a full-featured form building tool for collecting data. There’s lots of built-in functionality, and for the pieces you’re missing, there’s lots of extensibility.

This section of tutorials shows developers how to

  1. Store form entry data in an alternative format. The default storage type is JSON.

  2. Create new form field types.

This list will continue to grow as new tutorials on customizing and extending Liferay Forms are written.

Forms Storage Adapters

When a User adds a form record, the Forms API routes the processing of the request through the storage adapter API. The same is true for the other CRUD operations performed on form entries (read,...

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Form Field Types

The Forms application contains many highly configurable field types out-of-the-box. Most use cases are met with one of the existing field types. Figure 1: The Forms application has useful...

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Initiating New Export/Import Processes קודם