Liferay’s product navigation consists of the main menus you use to customize, configure, and navigate the system. When you edit a page, switch to a different Site scope, access a User’s credentials, etc., you’re using the default navigation menus. Providing a customization to a default menu can help give your Liferay instance a unique touch. You can extend and customize the default product navigation to fit your need.

There are four product navigation sections that you can extend: Product Menu, Control Menu, Simulation Menu, and User Personal Menu.


Figure 1: The main product navigation menus include the Product Menu, Control Menu, and Simulation Menu.

The Product Menu is on the left, and displays the Control Panel, User account settings, and Site Administration functionality. The Control Menu is on top, offering navigation to the Product Menu, Simulation Menu (the right menu), and the Add button. When certain settings are enabled (e.g., Staging, Page Customization, etc.), more tools are offered. The Simulation Menu offers options to simulate your Site’s look for different scenarios (devices, user segments, etc.). Finally, the User Personal Menu holds selectable items containing a user’s own account settings.

In this section of tutorials, you’ll learn about the various ways you can extend and customize Liferay’s product navigation to fit your needs.

Extending the Simulation Menu

When testing how pages and apps appear for users, it’s important to simulate their views in as many ways as possible. The Simulation Menu on the right-side of the main page allows this, and you can...

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Customizing the Product Menu

By default, Liferay’s Product Menu consists of three main sections: Control Panel, User Menu, and Site Administration. These sections are called panel categories. For instance, the Control Panel is...

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Providing the User Personal Bar

The User Personal Bar displays options unique to the current user. By default, this menu appears as an avatar button that expands the User Settings sub-menu in the Product Menu. In a custom theme,...

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Customizing the Control Menu

The Control Menu is the most visible and accessible menu in Liferay. For example, on your home page, the Control Menu offers default options for accessing the Product Menu, Simulation Menu, and Add...

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