WYSIWYG editors are an important part of content creation. Liferay’s platform supports several different editors, including CKEditor, TinyMCE, and our flagship, AlloyEditor. This section of tutorials shows how to customize these WYSIWYG editors for your apps and sites.

Adding a WYSIWYG Editor to a Portlet

It’s easy to include WYSIWYG editors in your portlet, thanks to the tag. Note: The tag is deprecated as of Liferay Portal CE 7.1 in favor of...

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Modifying an Editor’s Configuration

You can use many different kinds of WYSIWYG editors to edit content in portlets. Depending on the content you’re editing, you may want to modify the editor to provide a customized configuration for...

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AlloyEditor is a modern WYSIWYG editor built on top of CKEDITOR, designed to create modern and gorgeous web content. AlloyEditor is the default WYSIWYG editor. Figure 1: AlloyEditor is the default...

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Adding New Behavior to an Editor

You can select from several different WYSIWYG editors for your users, and each is configurable and has its strengths and weaknesses. Configuration alone, however, doesn’t always expose the features...

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