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Adapting Your Media Across Multiple Devices

Media providers must consider differences between devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) when delivering content: not only their screen size but also their bandwidth and processing capabilities. Liferay Portal’s Adaptive Media app allows administrators to control image quality and dynamically adjusts uploaded media to best fit the screen being used.

Adaptive Media integrates with Documents and Media, Blogs, and Web Content. It generates a set of images for use on various screens. When the content is accessed, Adaptive Media checks the screen type and resolution and selects appropriate the appropriate image. Adaptive Media comes preinstalled in Liferay Portal CE 7.1 and Liferay DXP 7.1.

In this section, you’ll learn how to manage and use Adaptive Media in Liferay Portal.

Installing Adaptive Media

The Adaptive Media app is installed in Liferay Portal by default. The following sections describe the Adaptive Media app’s modules, and how to prepare Adaptive Media to handle animated GIFs. Note:...

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Adding Image Resolutions

To use Adaptive Media, you must first define the resolutions for the images delivered to users’ devices. Adaptive Media then generates new images scaled to fit those resolutions, while maintaining...

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Managing Image Resolutions

Adaptive Media lets you manage image resolutions and their resulting adapted images. For example, you can disable, enable, edit, and delete resolutions. You can also generate any adapted images...

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Creating Content with Adapted Images

Adaptive Media is mostly invisible for blog and web content creators. Once an image is added to the content, the app works behind the scenes to deliver an adapted image appropriate to the device in...

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Migrating Documents and Media Thumbnails to Adaptive Media

Liferay Portal automatically generates thumbnails for images in Documents and Media. Once you deploy the Adaptive Media app, however, Liferay Portal doesn’t display thumbnails until you migrate...

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Advanced Configuration Options

Adaptive Media’s advanced configuration options are available in System Settings. Open the Control Panel and go to Configuration → System Settings, then select the Collaboration tab. There are two...

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