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A site is a set of pages where content or applications are published. Sites can be independent or serve as an associated organization’s website. You can create as many different sites as you like within the context of a single Liferay instance.

You’ll start with a tour of the site management user interface. Then you’ll create a custom Lunar Resort Example instance and explore ways to create sites and pages for that Liferay instance. Finally, you’ll learn how to change various settings for sites and pages to meet your needs. To begin building a site, continue on to the next section.

Site Management

You can have many Sites on one Liferay instance, which work together to create one complete website, or you can simply have one Site which contains all of your pages and content—or anything in...

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Adding Pages to Sites

In the previous section, you learned how to create sites. You may have gathered from that section that sites aren’t particularly useful without pages. In fact, sites primarily exist for the sake of...

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Managing Site Navigation

Liferay provides powerful tools for creating and organizing pages. You can have anything from a simple, flat Site navigation to a complex hierarchy with tree of sub-pages nested down many levels....

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Building Sites from Templates

Site Templates create a single Site structure that can be used for any new Site. They are created and administered from the Control Panel. In addition to creating multiple Sites with the same...

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Configuring Sites

Just like there’s more than one way to cook and an egg — or eat an egg for that matter — there’s more than one way to build a site. Liferay is created with that in mind, and beyond just creating...

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Customizing Page Options

Every page has options to give it a unique configuration. You can handle that configuration at the individual page level or configure a Page Set of public or private pages all at once. When you...

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Managing Members in Your Site

Users and Sites are important concepts. Sites are where all your content and pages are stored, and Users access and create that content. While user management is covered in depth in our User...

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