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Your users can leverage a robust suite of collaboration apps to get things done and form extensive communities. These apps provide all the features that you would expect of standalone apps, but these apps are integrated: they share a common look and feel, security model, and architecture because of Liferay’s development framework. You can use them in combination with user registration and content management features to build a well-integrated, feature-rich site.

This guide shows you how to administer and use the collaboration apps:

  • Blogs
  • Message Boards
  • Wiki
  • Alerts and Announcements
  • Knowledge Base
  • Bookmarks

Mentioning Users

Have you ever wanted to include another user in a discussion on the Message Boards? Have you ever wanted to give kudos to a colleague in content you’re writing? You can mention (notify and/or draw...

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Sending Alerts and Announcements

You can use the Alerts and Announcements widgets on Site pages to broadcast important information to users. The Alerts widget is designed for displaying high-priority information (e.g. planned...

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Managing Notifications and Requests

If you subscribed to a blog or message board, or if someone sent you a private message, invitation, event reminder, or mentioned you in a post, you received a notification or request. The...

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Publishing Blogs

The Blogs app’s editor has a complete set of WYSIWYG controls that appear when and where you need them. You can also switch to source mode to edit your content’s HTML code. In source mode, you can...

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Creating Forums with Message Boards

Although you’re likely already familiar with what a modern forum can do, here’s a sampling of what users and administrators can do with Liferay Portal’s Message Boards app. Users can: Start and...

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Bookmarking Sites

The Bookmarks widget provides a list of bookmarks that benefit your Site. For example, a Site that focuses on auto repair could use this widget to provide bookmarks to technical manuals, part...

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Working Together with the Wiki

Wikis are for collaboratively building a collection of information. The most famous wiki on the planet is Wikipedia. It’s a full encyclopedia developed collaboratively by users from all over the...

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Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base app can be used to display professional product documentation or form complete books or guides. It even lets you import article source files written in Markdown. It’s...

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Inviting Members to Your Site

The Invite Members widget lets site administrators send invitations to join the Site. You can add this widget to a page from the menu Add () → Widgets → Collaboration. Click the button Invite...

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